Process of potty training from perspective of child


It begins with the awareness of body and the capability to associate the feeling of completeness with the requirement to remove and which results in urination. Such kind of awareness begins at age 1 when your child start developing this feeling, he just goes ahead and then removes his diaper and can also pull ups. Now you must be thinking how to potty train a boys so that they learn proper way to pee and urinate in the toilet. Now you would want the toddler to learn and educate that when he get the feeling of urinating he should stop leaking and should find the way to potty. After this, he should remove his diaper and then stand or sit on the potty as per the kind of feeling he is going through. However, there are various teaching academy that provide  3 day potty training  for your boy and for even parents to teach the correct way.

From the perspective of your child you are asking a small boy to already do a lot such as trying to teach the child to stand when he is urinating and to sit down on potty when having a feeling of bowel movement. With help of potty training tips for boys you can ask him to identify and learn the feeling of plumpness, but for differentiating 2 different feeling and to make a decision accordingly to stand or to sit.

Having done with this, the bowel movements generally occur while urinating, so if your child sits down to urinate; he could even have a feeling of bowel movement at same time and hence by potty training boys you can make the entire process of potty training to be lot easier and simpler.

You should also start potty training review, but before this you need to identify what all equipments will be used such as toilet, urinal or potty and what should be used for what? Since, potty is quite low to ground to be used for urinating from standing position. However, urinal could be for pee and potty can be used for the bowel movements.

If you plan to use toilet for both purposes, you would require a step stool as well. Now, the question is that where will you take potty training? As the toddler is learning and his aim would be off and firstly he can even probably even dribble, thus there is great chance of over mess and spray. For such specific reason, if you decide to teach your boy to stand while urinating, you may wish him to learn this in bathroom. So, get prepared to do extra cleaning in your bathroom and around toilet bowel till your toddler knows how to do is correctly.



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